We might not be able to go visit our extended families this year but that can’t stop us from being happy & partying in our living rooms. Happy Holidays!

I think the “one size fits all”-idea only works out in a select few scenarios.
“I believe you finally figured out what you like to do. Wholesome nonsense.” – Maike

If you can’t tell from the image, I very much enjoy the summer weather.

The idea for this came to me when walking our dog yesterday evening. A little bit silly and nonsensical, exactly what I enjoy drawing right now.

This weeks’ illustration came together thanks to an animal prompt provided by my wife, listening to Buena Vista Social Club per recommendation by fellow artist Jo√£o and the beautiful summer weather here in Berlin.

The first week of marriage sure changed us a lot. I became the always nagging wife* and she became the raging husband **.

* when watching Northernlion play Monster Train on Youtube

** when playing Valorant

We had a big personal event earlier this week and this is how I looked during most of it.

Week 27 of this year. This means half the year is already gone by. Time to chill a bit.