About me

My name is Steven Bagatzky and welcome to the latest resurrection of my blog wannabeartist.com – where I post probably mostly the artwork I do for myself.

I’m a freelance commercial illustrator since late 2003 working in various markets such as advertising storyboards, browser-, mobile-, AAA- and board-games. I’ve done illustrations for print and digital-only uses. I’ve worked from home, from a studio and often on site and done so for big and small name clients.

In October 2018 I joined Berlin-based design studio karakter full time as a senior creative consultant where I lead a team of artists vastly more talented than myself, creating work for leading media properties.

Though to be fair since I’ve joined karakter I’m only still technically freelancing – it’s not like I have the time to do both things fulltime side by side.

Currently I live in Berlin, together with my wife Maike Plenzke. Maike herself is an illustrator as well, and I strongly encourage you to check out her work since she’s reeeeeally good. —> Here’s the link to her portfolio.

We go bouldering three times a week which we do for fun just as much as a form of physical therapy since it helps with my chronic tendonitis. Additionally, I enjoy futilely attempting some form of calisthenics and/or/while listening to audiobooks (mostly urban fantasy, classic fantasy & Sci-Fi and quite often YA-material). And then there are the 700+ hours I clocked in the military multiplayer PC-shooter-game Insurgency and thank god I have no clue how many hours I spent on Beat Saber so far.

All of the above though is dependent on the continued benevolence of our lordship of superior cuteness, our not quite as young as in this picture anymore but still highly energetic boxer-dog Elmo.

And that’s really all that I can think of to say about myself at this point. But if you have any question feel free to reach out to me.