w04 2021

We’re looking to buy a reading lounge chair and we’re open to suggestions! We’ve been looking around for a while now but so far haven’t made a decision. Aesthetically I really like the Mariposa butterfly chair by Cuero but I’m … Continue reading

Calendar: April 2021

I miss bouldering at Ostbloc. Pre-pandemic my wife and I were bouldering 2-3x per week. Even though it was just an hour in the morning before I had to go to work it was an important time for us to … Continue reading

w03 2021

I had a dream of a pixar like movie. The story revolved around a polish laced rooster who wanted to become a messenger pigeon after seeing them fly over his home as a young boy. He then found himself fighting … Continue reading

Calendar: March 2021

I enjoy watching handball far more than watching soccer. It’s such a fast-paced game and very dynamic. And if you’ve ever played you respect how physically demanding the game is.

w01 2021

First Wednesday post of 2021. Hope you all survived New Year eve without too much trouble.