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The eternity affair

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I’m exploring my passion for magazine & travel poster illustrations from the 50s to 70s a bit again. It’s so unfortunate that this sort of story illustrations isn’t done anymore (or at least i don’t know of any current magazine that employs illustration in such fashion).

Alfonz #1 – der Comicreporter

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Since Alfonz is a german magazine about comics, i’ll write my comment in german. Sorry folks. Das Alfonz ist ein neues Magazin über Comics, über die Macher von Comics, altes und neues am Markt, den Markt an sich etc.. Ähnlich wie die Comixene, nur neu, pünktlich zum Comic-Salon erschienen und mit für mich zumindest interessanteren Texten. Hoffentlich bleibt das mit der Pünktlichkeit so (im Gegensatz zur Comixene). Hinter dem Alfonz steckt das gleiche Team das […]

Playful magazine type of illustration

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I did the following images yesterday and today as a sort of experiment. I’ve been a fan of Bernie Fuchs, Coby Whitmore, Jon Whitcomb and the magazine illustrators from the 60s since i first saw images from them (which sadly is not so long ago). I also took inspiration from Charles Vess whose artbook i bought last week in a local comicshop and who seems to be an admirer of Aubrey Beardsleys work as myself. […]