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Animals & creature concept sketches

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I should be going through my stuff and putting together a new portfolio, but instead i did 7hours of creature sketches straight. Now i need a break, maybe i’ll work on the portfolio afterwards. I whish there was a job/project where i would get paid for doing stuff like this. If you got a hint for me, write me please. To view the fullsize image you have to hover over the thumbnail and click “enlarge”.

Bunch of random seamonster sketches

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While waiting for feedback on a small book illustration today, i dug out a sheet with seamonster-sketches i did last year at Bigpoint. I rushed out a bunch of sketches because the concept artist on monster duty suffered a bit from brain drain and i wanted to provide them with a few new ideas. Some of my sketches were actually fleshed out into full concept artwork and converted into a 3D-model. But i don’t know […]