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Must Read: DMZ & Invincible

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Go read DMZ and Invincible. Two of the best comic book series ever made. I’m having a blast reading the closing Volume of DMZ and the copy of Invincible UC 7 which finally arrived today. Brian Wood – author of DMZ Live from the DMZ Invincible official website

Podcastle, Pseudocast, Escape Pod

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Books / Stuff i found

The evening before going off to Erlangen i wanted to fill my mp3-player with another audiobook. I had listened through my latest audible-purchases already and there was nothing available that caught my eye ( unfortunately doesn’t have all US-titles in his catalog due to licencing issues. The brilliant “Iron Druid Chronicles” for example was available until recently, but now only the fourth book is still available. I guess we’ll be getting a german release within […]

Alfonz #1 – der Comicreporter

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Books / Stuff i found

Since Alfonz is a german magazine about comics, i’ll write my comment in german. Sorry folks. Das Alfonz ist ein neues Magazin über Comics, über die Macher von Comics, altes und neues am Markt, den Markt an sich etc.. Ähnlich wie die Comixene, nur neu, pünktlich zum Comic-Salon erschienen und mit für mich zumindest interessanteren Texten. Hoffentlich bleibt das mit der Pünktlichkeit so (im Gegensatz zur Comixene). Hinter dem Alfonz steckt das gleiche Team das […]


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Resources / Stuff i found

Because i was odly missing a few gigabytes on my systemdrive and wasn’t able to find the cause with the usual cleanup programs, i turned to some friends and asked for something to help me find the reason. Oli suggested WinDirStat, which is a really neat little program which visualizes the used up space on your hard drive. Great program. You should try it out. With it i found a 86gbyte Photoshop Tempfile resting on […]

3rd urban sketchers symposium

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Resources / Stuff i found

I’m thinking about booking “holidays” in the dominican republic in july, because that’s where this years urban sketchers symposium will be at. I haven’t been to the first or second, i’m also not that familiar with the urban sketchers community, but i think the symposium would be a good chance to change that. It will be held from 14.july 2012, in the city Santo Domingo in the dominican republic. All further infos can be […]