Background entertainment for artists

If you are anything like me you’ll probably have something running on your second monitor or in the background, while you’re working. If you are looking for stuff to listen to on the side, here’s what i listen to regularily:

Lets Talk Comics – A podcast were James interviews comic book professionels of all sorts about their career and particular details of their work. Great show.

Guys with Pencils – Andrew and Adam – two animation professionals working out of canada – sit down and chat about the animation industry, their jobs, projects and life in general. Often with guests. Unfortunately #175 will be the last episode, but the archive will stay online at least for a year. I’m so gonna miss hearing their voices every monday.

Insert Moin
– a german daily monday – saturday podcast on videogames and related content. They have a patreon campaign running and they surely appreciate every contribution.

Epic Battle Axe – if you can get used to the screamed intros the duo and sometimes trio of hosts discusses video games. Recently they changed one of their formats to a daily discussion of listener provided questions.

WTF is? by Total Biscuit – if you have any interest in pc games you’ve probably come across one of TBs WTF is?-videos. They are first impression videos, showing gameplay and commenting on it. PC Games only! Often funny, sometimes cynical.

Lets look at by Northernlion
– Its a somewhat similar first look format to what Total Biscuit does with Wtf is? . I don’t know who started it, but anyways… Northernlion shows gameplay of pc games and comments on it. In general i find the games Northernlion showcases visually more interesting than those TB discusses, so i get less work done while having Northernlions channel running.

Beneath ceaseless skies – BCS is actually a magazine with written short fantasy fiction, but they also have a podcast section in which some stories are read for us to listen to. In general i think the stories are of a good quality, as is the reading. Of course quality is varying but there have been times were i stopped working because the story was just too good to listen to it in passing.

The dice tower – The dice tower is a network of people who do reviews, video-casts and podcasts and even host a convention once a year, about boardgames. The backlibrary of videos is huge and there’s a lot of material uploaded every week. They also have a lot of Top10 lists which are really helpful if you’re looking for some boardgames to gift away or want to jumpstart back into boardgaming yourself.

Gametube – A german youtube channel with Lets Play video content. So far the only lets play channel that i can stand for a longer period of time, most lets players annoy the shit out of me.

Sidebar Nation
– 281 episodes to date of talks, interviews, discussion on mostly comics.

Making Comics – Lots of interviews with creators and their road to creating comics.

Comics Experience – Short ~ 15min podcasts about the various aspects of making comics and breaking into the idustry. Comics Experience also has a paywalled community and offers courses on the various aspects of making comics which are frequently mentioned in the podcast.

Deconstructing Comics
– the title pretty much says it all.

Podcastle, Escape Pod, Pseudopod – those three podcasts are part of a network. Podcastle is fantasy, Pseudocastle is horror and Escape Pod is horror based short fiction focused. Lots of short fiction stories to listen too, each has several hundred episodes in the library.

– Bretterwisser is a german boardgame focused podcast, discussing mostly current boardgame releases and developments.

Savage Lovecast – It was years ago that i stumpled upon a youtube video of a Dan Savage talk in front of some students. I was instantly hooked because he discussed sex, bodily functions and everything related in a humoristic, honest, no-bullshit fashion that not just was educational but made myself relax a bit more about my body and sexuality and stuff. Since i’ve listened to most of his podcasts there have been episodes were i didn’t agree with the view he expressed on some things, and there have been times were he has said stuff that’s false, but still the podcasts (and videos) are well worth listening to.

Sex nerd sandra – This is a sex positive educational podcast discussing everything sex related. At times i find the voice pitch and giggles annoying, but for the most part i enjoy it greatly and I often can’t stop myself from laughing.

Pop Culture Hound – Discussing comics sometimes with creators and sometimes without.

Rumblepack – A german podcast about games, takes a while to actually get to the gaming part but all the OffTopic-Talk is highly amusing.

If you know of podcasts that you think might interest me, feel free to share in the comments.

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