Month: April 2012

Bigpoint Visual #2

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I mentioned in my feb-march-recap that i did some illustrations for my former employer Bigpoint. I had lunch with some of the artists there today again and they told me that one of the visuals has been put to use and i can therefore show it to you know. It’s the second of two visuals, a battle between two ships out of the Pirate Storm universe. This image took me quite a while (i think […]

Bunch of random seamonster sketches

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While waiting for feedback on a small book illustration today, i dug out a sheet with seamonster-sketches i did last year at Bigpoint. I rushed out a bunch of sketches because the concept artist on monster duty suffered a bit from brain drain and i wanted to provide them with a few new ideas. Some of my sketches were actually fleshed out into full concept artwork and converted into a 3D-model. But i don’t know […]