Erotic artwork by Franz von Bayros

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Great piece of erotic art by unknown artist

Just found this on a tumblr i follow. Unfortunately no credit given. I’d love to know who the artist is to search for more works like this. It’s fabulous.

Edit 6.february:
That’s a good start into the week. This morning i got an e-mail from Igino letting me know that the artist of this piece is Franz von Bayros, and the artwork is part of a series called “Lesbische Reigen 1920″. Igino also provided the wikipedia-links.

Thanks a lot Igino.


  1. Thanks Stefan, but after checking Felicien Rops’ work I’d say its not his piece. His artworks feel “heavier”, the linework appears to be thicker in most of his drawings and – might be due to bad reproduction or material aging – the value work seems to be less subtle. But i might be wrong.
    Thanks for the tip anyway, didn’t know him at all. The painting “Bewitching” has immediately caught my eye because of the rich details and storytelling composition, also because of the rather dramatic perspective & staging. I’ll go through his work a bit more to see if there are more treasures to be found :)

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