Month: October 2011

Shortly after that, she died.

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She trembled for a moment. Was it supposed to be this troublesome? Nobody had warned her about all this. She got worried. “If this was to be expected, they surely would have told me”, she thought. “This can’t be right. This is so odd.” But trembling is not falling, and so with little doubts she continued with small but steady steps to climb up her way. Her destination in an arms length reach. Or so […]

pleasurous training

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Does the word “pleasurous” even exist? It should. sounds pretty good ^^ not the only thing i drew yesterday evening after work. but the rest will follow at a later date because so far, it’s a 24panel comic which i will certainly not be able to finish so fast in just 3 hours after work. Everything is amazing & nobody is happy.

crawling back up

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It has been awefully silent on this blog for the last couple of weeks again. The reason is that after some troublesome times at work i found myself in a state of immobility. I lost all motivation to do anything. Wouldn’t draw or paint and there were only to states of mind: Reaaaally really angry or really depressed. Thankfully and with the support from Maike i was able to start crawling up again from this […]