Month: August 2011

Come on, lets catch some fireflies.

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At some point when you’re good at doing something, it doesn’t matter if you like doing it. It is expected of you that you continue doing so, because you are just so damn good at it. 1000px sized version It took me about 14h to complete, from white canvas to this. This time the reference map consisted of images from Arthur Hacker, Fausto Olivares, Frederik Marinus Kruseman and Mother Nature

The long lost trumpet

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Wie gestern bereits gesagt, habe ich auch für dieses Bild Sargents Chess Game als Referenz benutzt, aber nicht nur das. Hier meine für das Bild angelegte Referenzpinnwand. Neben Sargent finden sich darauf auch mehrere Werke von Peder Mork Monsted, John William Waterhouse und Ruan Jia. Die beiden Fotografien von asiatischen Frauen sind aus der Google-Bilder Suche entnommen, leider ohne Urheberangaben. Ach ja und rechts bin ich.

A summer well spent

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I am referencing John Singer Sargents Chess Game a lot lately, it’s interesting to see how different the results turn out to be. You’ll probably wouldn’t have thought that the Chess Game was a colour ref for this image, but in the one you’ll get to see tomorrow it will be more obvious I think. I am officialy on vacation right now and originally planned to spent my time wisely on something more valueable, but […]