Inktober #5

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I might take Maikes offer to scan my inktober sketches from now on. Using my phone’s camera is convenient because pics are automatically synced to my pc, but it doesn’t really improve the quality.


Surface Pro 3 – impressions

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In case you are an illustrator and interested in the Surface Pro 3 as your mobile workhouse, you might be interested in my first impressions and my report after using the SP3 i7 together with a Cintiq 21UX for 4 days – which i wrote down for a thread at the surfaceforums.
You can find the thread here:

Long story short: the drawing experience is inferior to what wacom devices offer. The computing experience is almost excellent. I’ll probably return it because i don’t need another computer, i was hoping to get a one device mobile drawing solution when i purchased the SP3 i7.